Baltimore Boutique at Harborplace: Vinyl and Pages & Cuples Tea

Baltimore BOOST Boutique at Harborplace: Vinyl and Pages & Cuples Tea

We are excited to announce the opening of the Baltimore BOOST Boutique, a fusion of Vinyl, Pages and Cuples Tea, located at the historic Baltimore Harbor

Place. This vibrant space marries the concepts of tea, music, books, art, and culture, creating a destination where community and creativity converge.

Vinyl and Pages will provide an extensive collection of vinyl records and books, catering to enthusiasts of all ages and tastes. Whether you're searching for a classic album or a contemporary read, our curated selection aims to inspire and delight.

Cuples Tea will enhance the experience with its array of fine teas. Visitors will enjoy tea tasting events, indulge in our popular Boozy Tea Parties, and participate in special events like book signings, author talks, and new music release gatherings.

This initiative is made possible by Harbor Place developer, MCB Real Estate, who is offering space and funding to support homegrown businesses. This effort is part of their commitment to sustaining the momentum of their local storefront tenancy plan, fostering a thriving community of Black-owned and operated local entrepreneurs.

Join us at our Juneteenth opening of the Baltimore Boutique and experience the harmonious blend of music, literature, and tea, all while supporting local businesses and enjoying the charm of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Both Vinyl and Pages and Cuples Tea have been carefully curated to be havens for ideas, discussions, and the celebration of stories that have the potential to change lives; the primary focus of our existing shops in Midtown Baltimore.

The Baltimore Boutique is designed to bring people together, fostering a vibrant community of

creatives, artists, and makers who enrich our lives in countless ways. Celebrate with us and be a part of a space where culture thrives and community grows.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Baltimore Boutique at Harbor Place.