Why Vinyl Matters

Vinyl and Pages (VNP) is a black-owned retail record store based in the BROMO Arts District of Midtown Baltimore, MD.  This boutique retail space specializes in new and used vinyl albums and books. Additionally VNP curates opportunities for other small business and creatives to secure shelf space. Our mission is to inspire learning through music and books while fostering creativity and community.  VNP is a place that will inspire creativity, whether it is recording a PODCAST, album release party, listening party, book club meeting, game night or a DJ spinning, we want our guests to make this home, we want VNP to belong to the community. 

Why Books

No matter what you’re a fan of we have the books that you didn't know you wanted or needed. Everything from fiction, to biographies, comics, mysteries, wellness - even some Sci Fi, Vinyl and Pages has the perfect book for you. Handpicked by owners Eric and Lynnette, we feature the books that you will love to read. Everthing from NYTimes best sellers to Oprah's Book Club list there are many hidden treasures to speak to you!

Black Books Matter

Black Books Matter is an initiative that champions diversity in books and stories that represent, are written by and educate us on the lives of people of color.

Everything here is intentional

From the music and books that we sell, to the artwork on the walls to how much things costs to what music is playing on a certain day, all of these things play a huge roll in the experience that you will have here.

Stop by and discover a large variety of vinyl records and books including bestsellers and new releases.

Give a Music & Book Experience (Coming Soon)

Hear The Beat, Feel The Music

The vinyl record is an extension of the craft of making music, another way to connect with the listener...and it’s very much a specialty product. The reason why artists take so much care in the vinyl record is because with vinyl, you get an analog sound that reverberates and creates a warm sound you can't find on a streaming platform, or on a cd or tape.

Artists love vinyl because it’s an extension of their craft and a medium that communicates the care that went into creating their art in the first place.

I mean, just the very act of pulling the vinyl out of the jacket, putting it on the turntable, and putting that needle down is such multi-dimensional experience. The sound, the crisp quality of the music coming from the speakers, hearing every single instrument being played, becoming hypnotized by the complete musical experience of it all. If you are older, reimaging. If you are just experiencing vinyl, let this change the way you listen to and hear the music.


Vinyl and Pages is more than just another retail store. We are a place for community discussions, book club meetings, artist talks, album release partys, listening partys, or game night after hours.

Behind The Counter

We are a multi-dimensional music and books experience. Independent record and book store in Baltimore, MD specializing in soul, R&B, hip hop, funk, jazz, afro beats, reggae and soca.

New Vinyl and Books